Short description of the enterprise "Zagotzbut"

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"ZAGOTZBUT LTD." was registered in August 2001 and started its main activity in January 2002 after commissioning of the plant for slaughtering cattle and processing meat which is situated in Western Ukraine, in Ternopil region. The main activity of the enterprise is to provide cattle in live weight from the population and farmers (legal entities), slaughter, meat processing and further wholesale trade in meat, meat products and sub-products.

In 2005, "Zagotzbut" has started construction of a modern meat processing enterprise, consisting of a shop for slaughtering cattle, slaughter poultry shop, boning shop, chilling cameras, refrigerators and freezers, which were commissioned in December 2007. In addition, a new modern heating system was built in as well as a set of auxiliary facilities, which were launched in February 2008. Boning shop and slaughter shops are staffed with modern equipment, which were designed , manufactured and installed by European specialists. . All equipment is made of stainless steel and meets all sanitary and hygiene requirements for equipment used in the food industry. All the equipment is certified in Ukraine.

Todays production capacity of slaughter houses per shift is:

Cattle slaughter 175 head / shift
Processing up to 40 tons of beef meat per shift
Poultry slaughter 1,500 head / hour
Processing 18 tonnes of chicken meat per shift
Freezing, cooling and storage of meat - 800 tons (units storage), including power to freeze the meat 70 tons / day ( meat freezing in fast freezing machines 7 tons in 2 hours, with temperature minus 6oС inside block)
cooling of meat - 35 tons / day

The company can produce up to 9000 tonnes of meat per year.